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For optimum grip on a variety of surfaces, it is ideal to equip your SUV with specialised 4x4 tyres. These tyres offer you better handling while also improving steering response. With 4x4 tyres, you can take your SUV for both on- and off-road journeys safely.

If you are planning to buy 4x4 tyres Birmingham, Flaxley Tyres can help!

You can buy these tyres online from our website. Just enter your vehicle's registration number and select the tyre variant as 4x4. You can also buy these tyres offline by visiting our garage during business hours. Our experts will help you pick out the best 4x4 tyres based on your budget and driving requirements.

4x4 Tyres Available at Flaxley

We stock 4x4 tyres Birmingham from popular premium, mid-range and budget brands, like Continental, Goodyear, Pirelli, Dunlop , etc. You can pick out a 4x4 variant based on your driving needs, whether you ride require on or off-road tyres.

All-terrain (for both on-road and off-road driving)

All-terrain tyres are ideal for both on-road and off-road conditions. They can be used on wet, dry as well as snowy surfaces as they offer sublime traction on all.

Highway-terrain (for on-road driving)

This variant is designed uniquely to offer a supreme driving experience and improved handling on city roads. The variant also copes well with light off-road conditions.

Mud-terrain (for off-road driving)

This variant is designed to cope with extreme off-road conditions. They offer a superior grip on wet, snowy and muddy tracks. The build is also reinforced to minimise damages, thereby making it durable.

When you are buying 4x4 tyres Birmingham, keep these pointers in mind:


4x4 variants come with an aggressively designed tread pattern with wider shoulders and larger gaps between the tread blocks. They also have deeper tread grooves to provide optimum grip.


70% of a tyre's strength comes from its carcass. A lot like load-bearing capacity, puncture resistance, steering responsiveness and heat dispersion depends on the carcass.


4x4 variants are usually made with an advanced silica-infused rubber compound. This compound improves tyre to road contact along with offering a better grip.

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