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Tyre Pressure Check

Are you looking for a tyre pressure check Birmingham?

Visit Flaxley Tyres for a free tyre pressure check. You can visit us anytime during business hours. No appointment needed!

Timely tyre pressure checks are crucial to ensure optimum tyre performance and driving safety. Both under- and over-inflated tyres can affect your driving experience significantly. Our experts recommend a tyre pressure check every 30 days.

What is the Ideal Tyre Pressure for Your Vehicle?

In case of passenger cars, the tyre pressure is usually 30-35 psi. However, this value does depend on the car make and model, vehicle category and brand. You will find details about your car tyre pressure in the:

  • Owner’s manual, or
  • Tyre placard

Also, it is equally important for you to get a tyre pressure check even if your vehicle has a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System. TPMS sensors are mechanical parts, and can be prone to damages, so therefore, cannot be entirely reliable. A precautionary tyre pressure check Birmingham at our garage will always help.

How Can Flaxley Tyres Help?

Our professionals will first identify the tyre pressure for your vehicle and then check the current pressure data using advanced pressure gauges. Then, based on the requirement, they will inflate or deflate the tyres.

No matter what vehicle you drive, you can always come down to us for a quick tyre pressure check.

Feel free to call us for further details. We are based at Unit 1, Imex Business Park, Flaxley Rd, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9AL.

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