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At Flaxley Tyres, you will find summer tyres of all ranges - premium, mid-range and budget under one roof. So, end your tyres near me searches, and visit us today. You can also buy summer tyres direct from us online and opt for our mobile tyre fitting services. We also offer emergency call-out and 24x7 mobile tyre fitting services. Summer tyres are uniquely designed in a way, which will make your driving experience more comfortable in the summer months.

As the name suggests, summer tyres are ideal for use at temperatures above 7-degree Celsius. The tyre compound offers maximum safety during warm weather conditions and provides superior grip in dry and wet road conditions. Other than that, summer tyres come with a shallower tread depth and a lesser number of sipes that help improve traction and handling on dry and hot surfaces.

Advantages of Summer Car Tyres

Listed below are some of the most prominent benefits of using summer car tyres.

  • They provide a decreased rolling resistance, resulting in less noise and more fuel efficiency.
  • As the tyres are made of hard rubber compound, they offer improved braking and cornering precision.
  • Due to the unique tread depth of these tyres, they provide enhanced mobility to your car.

At our facility, we keep the best summer tyres Birmingham from popular brands, such as:

  • Continental
  • Dunlop
  • Pirelli
  • Bridgestone
  • Michelin
  • Goodyear, etc.

We also stock summer tyres from mid-range and budget brands for your convenience.

Therefore, end your search for tyres near me today, and contact us.

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