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Dunlop is one of the global leaders offering premium quality tyres from 1890. These models provide unmatched control in all weather conditions; therefore, is a favourite of motorists worldwide.

End your Dunlop “tyres near me” search with Flaxley Tyres.

We are one of the most trusted workshops and tyre retailers around Birmingham. We offer superior quality tyres at highly affordable prices.

Our inventory comprises the following variants of Dunlop tyres Birmingham:

  • 4x4
  • Run-Flats
  • UHPs

Buy Tyres Online!

You can now buy Dunlop tyres Birmingham online direct from our website! Use our tyre finder tool to find the perfect tyre match for your car using your vehicle registration number or tyre size details.

If you prefer buying tyres the conventional way, you can visit our outlet at Unit 1, Imex Business Park, Flaxley Rd, Stechford, Birmingham, B33 9AL.

Confused about which model to pick? Our experts canhelp. We will assist you in choosing the correct variant based on your car tyre size.

You can also take a look at a few of our best-selling models to help you choose better:


Get this winter model to attain supreme driving comfort on winter roads. The innovative soft compound and deep tread ridges allow unmatched traction and on-road driving safety when needed the most.

With a 3-peak mountain and snowflake mark, the braking distance is also as short as it gets.


This variant is the best match for your high-end car. Featuring built-in rim protectors, the model effectively minimises side damage.

The model offers superior handling and cornering precision and grip even at high speed with an innovative tread pattern.


With this model, you can bid goodbye to getting a tyre change every six months. This all-season model comes with a moderately tough compound, allowing year-round usage along with better mileage.

Designed for high-performance vehicles, the model comes with a unique RunOnFlat technology effectively regulating pressure in air loss scenarios.

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