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All-season tyres are designed in a way which combines the attributes of both summer and winter tyres. These tyres are very convenient for car owners as they serve as an all-round tyre model, perfect for use in moderate climatic conditions.

If you are looking to purchase all-season tyres Birmingham, contact us – Flaxley Tyres. We have a comprehensive stock of all-season tyres in budget, mid-range and premium price ranges. Purchase your tyres with us easily through our online facility, place your order and book a slot for mobile tyre fitting as well.

Know More about All-season Tyres:

All-season tyres are adaptable to diverse weather and road conditions. They combine all the elements of summer and winter tyres to operate throughout the year safely. The unique tread designs make this tyre unit suitable for use on hot and cold tarmacs.

Few important features are mentioned below for better understanding before purchasing all-season tyres Birmingham from us.


It is the main feature to notice before you buy all-season tyres. Moderate tread depth allows these tyres to remain adaptable to different road and weather conditions. It has a thinner tread depth compared to winter tyres specially designed for snow-covered roads. On the other hand, it has a thicker tread-depth compared to summer tyres for better grip in hot and wet conditions.

Rubber compound

All-season tyres are built with an intermediate rubber compound that offers durability and stability on both summer and winter roads.

Ride comfort

These tyres provide a comfortable ride throughout the year. The tread and compound are engineered to deliver a quiet driving experience.

Our Best-sellers at Flaxley Tyres:

Michelin Defender – This model provides higher fuel economy with low rolling resistance. This is a latest-generation tyre with new innovation and improved performance attributes.

Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max – This all-season tyre offers enhanced traction in wet, dry and snowy conditions due to multiple biting edges. Wide tread grooves improve wet braking. It also improves both dry and wet handling due to the large shoulder blocks.

The list of our best-selling all-season tyres does not end there, browse online or contact us to find out more about our collection.

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